(VIP) MACAAN by Matt Mello (Presented by Craig Petty)

“Very clever! A more diabolical or easier card at any number has yet to be created. This is within the grasp of any decent card magician. Everything is justified. Why didn’t I think of this?” – Diamond Jim Tyler

“Matt Mello is one of my favourite creators of close up mental magic, and Craig is one of the most skilled teachers I’ve learnt from. So when I saw the two had joined forces to bring back one of Matt’s most commercial pieces, I knew it would be great. MACAAN is solid, powerful, easy and baffling to any audience; it’s the only card at number I would ever do.” – Dee Christopher

They name the number. They shuffle the cards. They count the cards. They can even shuffle the cards right up to the last moment before the counting begins and the card is at the exact number they name. It all happens from a shuffled deck in use. Forget about complicated math, gnarly sleight of hand, and memorized decks. This is the most commercial and baffling card at number you will ever perform. This is MACAAN by Matt Mello.

Here’s what happens:

The audience gives the deck a very thorough shuffle before the deck even begins. A stranger card is introduced by the magician, and its face is shown. The audience is told that whatever number they name, the card that matches the stranger card will be at that exact position. They genuinely name any number they like, and that number is written on the back of the stranger card so everyone is clear on the exact number that was chosen. The magician gives the deck to the spectator, who can shuffle it again. They deal the selected number of cards face down into the magician’s hand. The card they dealt to is turned over and revealed to match the stranger card perfectly. Everything is examinable.

This baffling effect is incredibly easy, uses no gimmicks, and the moves are extremely simple to do. If you want to level up your magic, Craig teaches some advanced moves to make this trick even more deceptive. Craig also shares with you his bonus handling to turn it from a simple Card at Number to a super deceptive Any Card At Any Number. MACAAN works anytime, anywhere, and can be performed with a borrowed deck that is shuffled and in use. The only thing you need is the stranger card, and you are ready to wreck minds. Get ready to put Card at Number in your working repertoire with MACAAN by Matt Mello presented by Craig Petty.

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